Ignite your most confident, vibrant and energetic self 
With Renee Kacz and Fiona Boulton
Are you done with feeling fed up?
Sick of the misery and pain of the past?
Over feeling a bit meh about life...
Power sisters Fiona Boulton and Renee Kacz collectively have been coaching women to optimise their lives for over 20 years. Join this dynamic duo as they share their most powerful course to date. 
Over 4 immersive weeks, you will experience countless life-changing shifts as you embrace the most confident, aligned and vibrant version of YOU!
Ignite that inner sparkle to shine your brightest
Drop the struggle story and create your most vibrant life
Magnetise and manifest your deepest desires
Call in your spirit baby
Have you ever been in a room when someone walked in and it's as if the entire room looked, simultaneously, as that beautiful woman entered?

As you look closer, you realise, it's not so much about her physical looks, but rather, it's her energy. It is her presence. It is magnetising. It's as if the entire room felt her energy (in a good way) as she sauntered into the room with pure confidence.

Have you ever wanted to be that woman?
The woman who knows herself.
She's sure of herself.
She is connected to her intuition.
She knows she always makes the best decision for herself.
She is profound.
She is powerful.
She is a woman living her best life, every single day.
She is a woman that has tapped into flow state, she knows she gets to choose how she feels. Sure, things happen to her, just like everyone else. And she's bulletproof. There's nothing throwing her off course.

That woman - she is the possibility within you, if you're not already living in this space.

She is the woman that emerges from this brand-new course, Energy is Everything! Joins powerhouse sisters, Fiona Boulton and Renee Kacz, as they share their most potent and powerful course yet.

Your portal to profound connection, unshakable confidence and intuitive ignition.
now is the time to step into your power and 
own your greatness!

Here's how it works...
Enrolment is open NOW to 11 March. The program launches on 11 March with content available in our members only area, and is yours to keep for life.

We will release new content weekly that you get to access at a time that best suits you. You'll be supported to implement changes and take action with support resources, audios, videos and downloadable pdfs.

You will be nurtured and guided to transcend current limitations with beautiful healings and meditations.
  • ​Learn how to achieve any outcomes you want in your life: fertility/ self-confidence/ body/ self-love/ relationship/ career/ financial/ you choose!
  • ​Learn how to tap into a state of high energy and divine inspiration in any circumstance
  • ​Learn how to deepen your connection to yourself, so that you feel inspired
  • ​Learn the process to own your amazingness so that you confidently show up as your most authentic, incredible self
  • ​Create a compelling and inspired future for yourself
  • ​​Tap into your most inspired and on path ‘you’
  • ​Experience the vibrational realignment tool, so that you shift your state into feeling amazing, no matter what
  • Develop a life philosophy that serves you to create the life of your dreams, and
  • ​Walk through a clear, step-by-step system to go from where you are, with anything, to getting exactly what you want and feel amazing in the process.
Renee Kacz
Former corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, business mentor and peak performance coach - helping women across the globe live their best life since 2014.
Fiona Boulton
Fertility Expert, QiYoga founder and healer extraordinaire. Fiona has been helping women and couples achieve their fertility dreams by overcoming all kinds of odds and manifesting their dream partner since 2007.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you get...
  • 4 weeks of online training and coaching from Fiona and Renee with weekly video content and support resources (audios and pdfs), valued at £1,997
  • Healing sessions to help you transcend and elevate into your new reality, with Fiona, valued at £997
  • Bespoke meditations to help facilitate deep changes at the subconscious level, valued at £997 
  • ​Immediate access to the My Time To Shine 3-day challenge, in just 3 days, reconnect to your authentic self, fall in love with life and unapologetically shine bright! Valued at £197
  • ​Think of this as an entire energetic make-over for your soul!
That's well over £4,188... for only £797


When is this happening?
Registration opens 1 March, closing 11 March. Content will be released each Monday from 11 March.

What if I can't join live?
We wanted to ensure that everyone, no matter where they're based, can join in. That's why there's no live component to the program. You get to access the content at a time and place that best suits YOU!

Where does this happen?
After you buy, you will receive access to a members only platform (on the next page) and it will allow you to login and access the content for Energy is Everything.

Do I need Facebook or any social media?
Definitely NOT! We're not fans of the Book and there's nothing happening there that you'll need access to.

I have a friend that I think would love Energy is Everything, can I buy her a spot?
Absolutely! We suggest using her email address when you purchase so that she receives all the specific emails and reminders we send out.

How much does it cost?
Ordinarily, Energy is Everything will be available for £797.
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